Hai, it's been a long time guys. For the first appearance again, maybe i want to introduce you the newest my favourite image of Forest and Peak. The guy's draw is the forest and the woman's is the peak. well, i still dont get it why the guy is the forest and the woman is the peak.......

Stop these damn trade

I'm one of The army of Stop-Human Trafficking

It color is pink

Cupid shoot his arrow! and it do stuck in my Ht!

Nanna Øland Fabricius

present you. This pretty newcomer? who is it? It's Oh Land!!
Oh Land is a peculiar new cinematic electropop Dane who recently sailed across the sea to the artistic haven of Brooklyn, NY. With an
opera singer for a mother, a church organist for a father and Björk's Homogenic on constant rotation, Oh Land was enraptured by the combination of experimental and classical arts. Her first album was Fauna, which garnered critical acclaim in her homeland of Denmark. . Her soundscapes are lavish, crunchy, symphonic, brute and captivated with rhythms that fly apart.


Is there anyone who doesn't like cats? well, maybe the one who has some alergic or freaky phobia attack. Hahahaha
I love cats! their eyes are looks mysterious, their itself represent the glamourous things, richness, love, and fertility.
For your information, the best diamond is the one that have a black side in the middle of it. people called it "The Cat's Eye Diamond" very rare and very expensive.
In ancient egpyt, cats are sacred animal. known as Bast/Cat Goddess, From the third millennium BC, when Bastet begins to appear in some record, she is depicted as either a fierce lioness or a woman with the head of a lion. Images of Bast were created from a local stone, named alabaster.


someone thought me about this One fashion polices website called "Streetgeist". Honestly, this site was epic, i mean in some way it's absolutely epic. These two-couples did something natural, they took a pict of everybody around with their real look (not any make up on), n that's the way! why they're Fabs! Just check it out.....
Must see

F O L L O W E R io