Sweet-Sour 17th

Today in my blog, my pecun friend has been 17th. Her name was Mashita Deafitri, in the early in the morning I’ve got woke up early because I had a job to put the wanted poster in the whole school. When I had arrived in school I putted it on the wall . and then when the breaktime came , me & my friend pushing her to go to the canteen to saw what would happen ahaahhaa she was so embrassed cunlay cunlay.. ahahahhaaa…
Bell rang, it’s the sign to got home, but we had to punk’d mashitailah, we closed her eyes with a hoody and tie her with rope (kerudung). We lead her to the canteen, and then we sitted her on the chair. And then we bathed her with a lot of water ! ahhahahaaa, especially kamplong parahh bgtttt pake the gtu ma sabun ahahahaha. And then fucking shit teacher came with an angry asshole voice. We were shocked , we got a point at least . what the fucking hell we’re doin damned teacher, just because we punk’d ? heyyy pernah muda ga sii????! Klo kerudung oke lah masi bias agak gue terima, masalahnya agama si
Well when they’re gone , we started to pray and ate the cake , delicioso lah hahhaha CREAM smua Gtu LoCccHh

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