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firts is last monday , i had a swimming day uyeee with Mashita,Mariam,Rando, and Dinda. hahay
we just wanted to swim at the CitraGrand but Lady fortune didn't with me -.-' it was closed. haaaah! (tired) and then we went to Laguna but the pool just so small, suddenly we went to Laguna at cimanggis herrr... it was a pool for swimm not like like at CG that had a seat in the pool. just for a couple of minute we already (ngos-ngosan). and Dinda can't swimm >.< . we swimm until 6.pm and the me and sitong went to Randofer but with his sister and we had a little dinner at Mcd jambore rrr huaw i delivered a Double-Cheese Burger hmm...

so that's all my story thanks for read Bu-bay!

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