a Years..

Hey hey readers, here i am! back to my daily activity, with a bunch of college stuff. Zzz!!
well, actually it's not really bad, hell yeah i've some work to do. better than lying down below my bed or sitting beside CPU (online). for this Golden rabbits year i've makes some Rhavtdolist (Rio have to do List)....
*OK, kick my butt* .

1.) First, Hit me! i'd make my parents proud of me!
2.) second, gain some "A" words! more is better
3.) third, a Girls..... Aaahhh, i need some lovestruck(-__-)
4.) fourth, re-build my mind, my brain, my body. let's adding some new thing!
That's all fellas! each one of them are really hard to make, But pray for i'll do the best for it!
One quotes for you "Leave your comfort zone!"

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