Her Gift

i'm on Readers hehehe. how's ur day then? Good? ...... me? oh i'm not. But, just let me tell the story
Long ago, i was nothing, no more than a Little white soul. Then God blows out my soul to this body. and Here i am! born in this Lovely family with a bunch of affection. Parents are everything rite? Well, they have some invisible bond to us (children). Somehow, they just knew we were lying or doing somthin' bad without we tell them. And this bond just creating some thing to my mom (especially)
Well.. my mom have some unreasonable power, IT WAS "Granted"POWER.
She can grant every wishes in one click (ok, not in a click but in a matter of time. just a minute maybe) Hahahaha! Cool rite? until now i'm still asking why she has some great power like that, What the heck man . . . . (-___-)

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