Passed away

Today is Friday, I want to blg to you , tell you the story of my family.
So it was a good-cold morning, when I woke up nothing special except it was Friday and tomorrow was weekend. I did everything like I always did. When I wanted to go to school, my motorcycle wheels are losing it’s air. So I went to school by ojek deh. My first study was English, it such a sucks teacher who teached us week…. LEBAY LO PAK. The second, was sociology this teacher was really kind but her face and her speak like a devil lion. When I was hearing her words, my phone was ringing. It was my dad that called me

Pops : yoo, bisa keluar sekolah sekarang ga?
Me : hah? Emg napa?
Pops : nini kalipasir barusan meninggal
Me : Innallillahi wa innaillaihi ra’jiun ( tears out )
Pops : papa tunggu kamu di harbun ya,

Yes, of course, i speed up. By ojek I went to harbun. And my father was standing there with his mobile and called everyone. I was going inside the car and asking everything about how,when,where my grandma’s dead. I was updating my Facebook and Twitter every minutes. I was missed my grandma’s so much.

my Grandma's grave

Everyone was crying out, my mom, my aunt, my cousin, my bro and sis, me, my uncle everyone. It such a shocking moment, one thing I learned God had it’s own plan, and we don’t know anything, we just like It “The Sims” God character.

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