Favourite Movie stripper

heyy , blogger ! ! yaahh i miss this muchmuch ..
how's ya dayy ???? i've really miss my Blog, i haven't write it for over 2 weeks rrr
so i wanna tell my story about Supernatural

this movies is playing by Jensen ackles as Dean winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam winchester, and i know this one guys called an Angel hahaha his name Misha Collins as Cass.

you won't know about this movie if you don't watch it from the start
this Season 5 have been really freakky ! yeahh
The End of time has come because Sam has opened the door from hell so Lucifer and 4 horsemen can go out . How it will end? i don't know either zz

Jensen ackles

Jared padalecki

Misha collins

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